Our Financial Services

We provide a wide range of financial services for individuals, families and businesses at First Financial Planners, offering comprehensive strategies for each situation that allow you to positively impact your Circle of Wealth.

Our Services Include:

IRA / 401k Distribution Strategies
Personalized retirement income distribution strategies are evaluated to help maximize lifetime income and minimize market risks and long-term income tax exposure.

Investment and Retirement Planning
Financial and tax strategies are designed for your individual situation, and then the appropriate tools are selected to help enhance and optimize your benefits with the objectives of reducing your risk, taxes and the chance of outliving income, and maximizing your yields and wealth transfers.

Wealth Management and Asset Protection Planning
We utilize money management programs with market loss proprietary technology used in both up and down markets. Asset protection planning options are evaluated to help protect clients from creditors, divorce, long-term care spend-down, and frivolous lawsuits.

Income and Estate Tax Planning
Income and estate tax planning strategies are designed to help minimize income tax during retirement income distribution years and accomplish more tax-efficient estate wealth transfers to beneficiaries.

Multigenerational Planning

We help design strategies for families who have a desire to maximize their wealth transfers that are tax-efficient for multiple generations.

Social Security Benefit Planning
Social Security benefit planning is an important component of an individual’s or couple’s retirement plan. A comprehensive review and analysis is provided to identify the optimum strategy for maximizing lifetime income.

College Planning
College planning strategies are designed to maximize financial aid opportunities. Parents and children will receive consultation services to navigate the overwhelming process of planning for college, such as career planning, college selection and application, funding options, etc.

Long-Term Care Planning
Long-term care planning strategies are evaluated to determine the best options available to help protect assets from spend-down and identify financial tools to assist in paying for the costs.

Business Owner Succession and Exit Strategies
Business owners are consulted on how to best transfer their business to succeeding generations. Exit strategies are developed to help maximize the value upon an owner’s sale or transfer of a business with minimal taxes.

Small Business Captive Insurance Planning
Business owners are provided consultation services regarding the advantages of owning a “Small Captive Insurance” company to self-insure for many areas of risk that could adversely affect their business.